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Become a Wolly Kitten Club Foster

Before you fill out the foster application form, please read the foster responsibilities below. When you sign up to be a Wolly Kitten Club foster all this is expected of you:

Foster Medical Responsibility

* Administer all required meds as needed

* Arrive on time at vaccination and medical appointments

* Promptly notify Wolly Kitten Club of any new signs of illnesses (vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, fever, limping, respiratory distress)


Foster Animal Care Responsibility

* Provide approved brands of food, water and shelter

* Provide grooming as needed

* Keep cats and kittens indoors at all times

* Abide by quarantine rules if instructed by Wolly Kitten Club

* Incur all miscellaneous expenses

* Never declaw cats or kittens

* Never use techniques that might be painful when teaching or disciplining

* Work with the cats and kittens on behavior and socializing

Wolly Kitten Club Medical Responsibility

* Provide vaccinations

* Provide deworming meds as needed

* Provide flea and tick meds as needed

* Provide medical care for any illness or injury

* Fund spay/neuter


PLEASE NOTE: The form below is used for people who would like to foster Wolly Kitten Club cats or kittens. You cannot foster a cat that you found by signing up here. You will need to go through the agencies listed here.

If you would rather send the form in an email, you can download it here.

Are you willing to to foster cats/kittens in these situations?

Thanks for Applying! We will review your application and contact you.


Become Part of Our Story

Here at Wolly Kitten Club, we’re committed to saving the lives of small and vulnerable kittens. We are a foster organization and all our kittens stay with one of our foster families until they are ready to be transferred to an adoption organization.

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