Do you need help with a cat/kitten you found?
Do you need help with your own cat/kitten?
Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

Please find places and websites that can assist below.


Did you find a kitten/cat and don't know where to go?

Wolly Kitten Club only fosters kittens from official organizations but these organizations can help you out:

If you are located in the city of Houston you can call BARC. Please call 311 or 713.229.7300 option 3 animal control. You can also visit their website: Houston BARC

If you are located in Unincorporated Harris County please call Harris County Pets at  281.999.3191. You can also visit their website: Harris County Pets

Harris County Pets also offers a low cost pet wellness clinic to help pet owners keep their pets healthy.  The clinic is staffed by a licensed veterinarian. Click here to view all services and prices: Harris County Pet Clinic


Did you find a cat/kitten? What do you need to do first? Before you bring a cat inside, please read this very important information leaflet with all the information you need. Here is a link:

Here are a few videos that will help:
- What to do if you found a kitten

- Feral Felines & kittens found outdoors

- If you see a cat outside... watch this

- Why you should support 'kill' shelters

Please Note: The Wolly Kitten Club foster network provides love, care and attention for cats and kittens but is never the legal owner of any of the animals.


Do you need help for your own pet and don’t know where to go?

If you need low-cost veterinary services including spay & neuter for your pets, please contact Laurel’s House (  They have a walk-in clinic that is open from 10am-2pm every day.  Their email is

If you are homeless or a Veteran and need emergency vet care, please call the 24-hour hotline of Feeding Pets of the Homeless ( at 775-841-7463 and ask for support.


Are you a victim of domestic violence and need boarding for your pet?

Contact one of the Family Violence Shelters listed here a referral to Houston PetSet’s boarding program.  You can also for additional questions. 



  • We are DEDICATED in our task to support the kittens in the foster families

  • We are FOCUSSED ON LEARNING from every experience

  • We are SHARING our knowledge and insights with the foster families

  • We are OPEN TO CHANGE and accept new tasks and challenges

  • We are CARING towards our kittens and the foster families