Did you find a kitten/cat and don't know where to go?

Wolly Kitten Club can only care for kittens from official organizations but these organizations can help you out:

If you are located in the city of Houston you can call BARC. Please call 311 or 713.229.7300 option 3 animal control. You can also visit their website: Houston BARC

If you are located in Unincorporated Harris County please call Harris County Pets at  281.999.3191. You can also visit their website: Harris County Pets

Harris County Pets also offers a low cost pet wellness clinic to help pet owners keep their pets healthy.  The clinic is staffed by a licensed veterinarian. Click here to view all services and prices: Harris County Pet Clinic


Did you find a cat/kitten? What do you need to do first? Before you bring a cat inside, please read this very important information leaflet with all the information you need. Here is a link:

Here are a few videos that will help:
- What to do if you found a kitten

- Feral Felines & kittens found outdoors

- If you see a cat outside... watch this

- Why you should support 'kill' shelters

Please Note: The Wolly Kitten Club foster network provides love, care and attention for cats and kittens but is never the legal owner of any of the animals.



  • We are DEDICATED in our task to support the kittens in the foster families

  • We are FOCUSSED ON LEARNING from every experience

  • We are SHARING our knowledge and insights with the foster families

  • We are OPEN TO CHANGE and accept new tasks and challenges

  • We are CARING towards our kittens and the foster families